"…for the first time in many years, I found RELIEF!"

- I Hegemann, WI


We are so confident that you
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  • Restless Legs Cream

    Restless legs at night? Scientifically formulated to allow for absorption of specific vitamins and minerals that provide relief from those painful and annoying sensations.

  • Painful Rash Relief Cream

    Rash pain and itch? This deep-penetrating, fast-acting cream, formulated with natural and botanical ingredients, instantly soothes and begins to repair the skin. - 1.8 oz. jar.

  • Pain Relieving Foot Cream

    Painful feet? Relieves foot pain, while intense moisturizing formula allows damaged skin to heal to protect against infections. No petroleum or mineral oils. No added dyes or fragrances. – 4 oz. jar.

  • Lower Back Pain Relief Tablets

    Pain in the lower back? Relieves the intense, radiating pain in the buttocks and lower back, as well as the burning, tingling, and numbness in the legs and feet.

  • Bladder Relief Tablets

    Overactive bladder? Relieves the sudden urge to urinate, as well as the inability to empty bladder, which results in frequent or constant minor leaks or dribbles.

  • Leg Cramp Relief Tablets

    Leg cramps at night? Relieves painful cramps and spasms most commonly affecting the legs, calves, feet, and toes, which interfere with sleep.

  • Sleep Assist Tablets

    Trouble sleeping? Natural alternative to other sleep aids provides relief from sleeplessness and insomnia. No side effects, and no risk of drug dependency.

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    I have been taking your Tinnitus Relief Tablets for a few years and it seems to work fairly well. I have tried other things and even had surgery, but this tablet seems to be the only thing I’ve found that brings relief. I would recommend trying this product to anyone looking for relief from the symptoms caused by Tinnitus.
    Bert M.Mt. Pleasant, IA
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