Restless Legs Relief TabletsRestless Legs Relief

“Once again you guys have mailed the items I ordered in the fastest fashion. I just wanted to tell you how much this is appreciated. Love your products, too. Keep up the good work. A BIG THANK YOU, have a wonderful and blessed weekend.”

- P Sandell Wellington, KS

“I have been using the product for about 3 months, and I have had very good results. I had been taking Requip, but the side effects from that were too much. I have not had any side effects with these tablets. I would be more than happy to tell anyone who needs it that this product really does work.”

- Ryan B., Omaha, NE

“I have had this condition my entire life. It got more prominent the older I got. I was always willing to try anything to help with the symptoms. About six months ago I was surfing the web and found this product listed on one of the Restless Legs sites. I ordered some, and I am very glad I did. I love it! I take one in the evening before I go to bed, and every once in a while I take one just a little earlier for symptoms and I get a peaceful night’s sleep. I recently started taking two before I go to bed and I sleep even better. I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who suffers from this problem. I couldn’t go without it.”

- D Carter, Longwood, FL


Sciatica Relief TabletsSciatica Relief

“I saw your ad in my Sunday paper and since I have sciatica problems real bad, I thought I would try it. It’s the best thing I have ever tried. It is a great product. I can take 2 in the morning and 2 at night and the pain is gone. I’m on my 2nd bottle and highly recommend this product to anyone that has sciatica problems. Thank you for coming out with this over the counter medicine.”

- Joyce C., VA

“I have been using the tablets for about five months and so far I have had very good results. I only have to take them when my symptoms are very bothersome, so a bottle will usually last me a little less than three months. I learned about the Sciatica Relief Tablets from a newspaper ad and thought I would give it a shot. Y’all have a great product here and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who asks.”

- J M., Austin, TX


Tinnitus ReliefTinnitus Relief

“I just ordered 4 more bottles of the Tinnitus Relief Tablets for my father. It seems to really help his condition which has bothered him severely at times for years.”

- T Mulligan, AK

“Yesterday, my husband bought the Tinnitus Relief medication after reading about it in Parade Magazine. I have to tell you that immediately after he took his first pill, his life changed — the shhhhhh sound was gone! He has suffered with this for over 10 years. There were times when he wanted to die because the sound was driving him crazy. Now no shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sound! Thank you for your product!!”

- N. Herron, Hawaii

“I’ve been suffering with noises in my ear for 6-8 years. I have been to every doctor and nothing helped. Then I tried your Tinnitus Relief Tablets and they really did help me. I feel great, and sleep, which I haven’t done in all these years. I just wanted to thank you, and I’m telling everyone I know about it. I’ll never be without them.”

- Connie T.


Fibromyalgia ReliefFibromyalgia Relief

“Fibromyalgia Relief tablets have worked like a miracle. I have tried all other sorts of medications. I’ve been taking them less than 2 weeks, and my fingers and hands aren’t stiff anymore. Whatever is in them works beautifully!”

- Helen D. , AL

“I suffered with sciatica for 5 years and got very little relief… I saw your Sciatica Relief tablets, ordered them, tried them and within a week, NO MORE PAIN! It was such a relief, I went to your website and ordered the Fibromyalgia Relief tablets… after taking them for two weeks, my debilitating fatigue was gone along with most of the pain associated with fibromyalgia… friends are commenting on how I’m moving about so freely now…what amazing medication…”

- M Campbell, LA

“Wanted to let you know I decided to try the pills and they work absolutely wonderfully. I learned never to doubt anything before you try. They work better than prescription medicine. Thanks”

- A. Huval, LA

“I ordered the Fibromyalgia tablets and they are absolutely wonderful. I have had a response I wasn’t expecting – they have helped the arthritis in my hip!”

- B Henderson, TX


Restless Legs CreamRestless Legs Cream

“Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how well your product, Restless Legs Cream, works. I bought mine about 6 months ago. It has worked 100% of the time!!! Amazing! Finally, a product that works as advertised!! I don’t even have to use it daily, as suggested, only when my legs jump.”

- L Hinkle, CA

“My name is Teresa and I just wanted to let you know your cream is fantastic!! It is so nice to find something a person can use with no side effects. If you ever did a commercial for this product, I would be willing to share my results with the public. I think it’s great when you can find something that works and you don’t have to worry about if it’s going to make you sick or have other bad reactions. Thank you so much,”

- T Tanner, MI

“I just wanted to tell you what a difference this cream makes. I am 85 years old and finally found something to make me walk better.”

- F Ginn, MS


Arthritis Relief CreamArthritis Relief Cream

“I received immediate soothing pain relief from using MagniLife Arthritis Relief Cream. It made my neck feel cool and relaxed and made movement much easier.”

- H Reaves, CA

“I have tried your MagniLife Arthritis Relief Cream as well as the Arthritis Relief Tablets, and both work wonderfully. After trying unsuccessfully other pills, they do the trick and relieve me all day. I love them.”

- D Corbett, NY


Diabetic Neuropathy Foot CreamDiabetic Neuropathy Foot Cream

I am a woman 90 years of age and suffer with Diabetic Neuropathy pain. I could not find anything to help with burning feet, then I came across your ad and sent for your Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Cream, by this time anything would help. I received your cream and have used it for a week now NO BURNING!! It does the job.

- Allena A.

A month ago I was reading the Parade Magazine and I read your article that was advertising diabetic neuropathy foot cream. The article said I can buy the cream at my local Rite-Aide store. I then headed out there one day and inquired about Magnilife. I bought a jar and I tried it on both heals that have been aching me for months. I loved it, both my heels have been happy and so am I. I thank you for this foot cream it works wonders.

- Paulette S., Riverside, CA


Diabetic Foot CreamDiabetic Foot Cream

“I am a diabetic and the Diabetic Foot Cream was the first medicine I got that really really helped my legs and feet. I’d rub it on before bed and I had no tingling in my toes and my legs felt good. Thank you.”

- A Burkhart, NC

“I have tried practically every product on the market made for severely cracked heels and nothing seems to work. I received a jar of your Diabetic Foot Cream from my mother as a gift. Within two weeks my heels looked much better. It has now been approx 4 weeks and the results are great. The cracks are all healed and the dry skin just sloughs off using a pumice stone. I’m reordering the foot cream and trying the all over hand & body cream too.”

- S Montgomery, IN

“I recently purchased Diabetic Foot Cream and I think it is fantastic.”

- M Pope, PA


Sleep Assist TabletsSleep Assist Tablets

“I’m writing to tell you about how please I am with your product “Sleep Assist”. I tried the pills and I liked them. I must say that without a doubt they have worked for me and with no side effects! I have also taken them along with my prescribed medications and I have never felt ill. In closing, I would like to comment on a decent product “Sleep Assist”, which I plan to use regularly to help promote the rest I need, when I need it, and “Sleep Assist” has done just that for me. I will pass this product on to my family and friends for them to try and I hope that one day they will be writing a letter to your company like I am.”

- R Phelps, MN

“I’d like to sing the praises of your product “Sleep Assist.” I have been using it now for nearly a year, and it has been so wonderful to know I would have several hours of uninterrupted sleep. It was also good to know I wouldn’t be sleepy the next day, which I was when I used the prescription or OTC aids.”

- Faye O, AL

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    I have been taking your Tinnitus Relief Tablets for a few years and it seems to work fairly well. I have tried other things and even had surgery, but this tablet seems to be the only thing I’ve found that brings relief. I would recommend trying this product to anyone looking for relief from the symptoms caused by Tinnitus.
    Bert M.Mt. Pleasant, IA
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